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A new take on a classic style. This unique 7 panel trucker cap is designed to create a seamless front panel with a hand-stitched custom leather Virginia Grit state logo.


What does as the crow flies expression mean?

As the crow flies = In a straight line, by the shortest route, as in it's only a mile as the crow flies, but about three miles by this mountain road. This idiom is based on the fact that crows, very intelligent birds, fly straight to the nearest food supply. [ Late 1700s]


To us Virginians, this means the quickest way back to VA!


Get'r Done!

"As The Crow Flies" Virginia State 7 Panel - Camo

Only 1 left in stock
  • SHAPE: Hi-Pro 7 Panel

    FABRIC: Cotton Twill/Polyester Mesh

    VISOR: Flat

    SWEATBAND: Cotton

    MATERIAL: 47% Cotton, 53% Polyester

    CONSTRUCTION: Woven/Knitted

    FIT & SIZE: Adjustable Snapback OSFM (7 – 7 3/4)